06 May The real cost of food delivery apps!

Using an app to get your food delivered is particularly popular right now, but how do you know if they’re helping or hurting restaurants and takeaways when you order this way?What many app users don’t realise is some apps charge restaurants such high commission fees, they’re actually losing money by using them!It’s not unusual for food delivery companies to charge restaurant owners up to 30% in commission. And when you add to this all of their other expenses such as, rent, labour, marketing and taxes; not to mention the activation costs that many apps charge, it’s easy to see why so many restaurants are struggling to survive.“The delivery fees and service charges from these websites are murder. They’re incredibly high rates,” said restaurant owner Adam Weisblatt . “It’s almost impossible to profit at all” added Adam.But what does this mean for the customer? Well, increased menu prices, smaller portions, inferior ingredients or your favourite restaurant going out of business is a real possibility! Either way, it’s not good news for you the customer.So, at easyFood we’ve been beavering away to develop a new solution that provides customers with great deals and restaurant owners with lower fees. Is it fair for a restaurant to be penalised for accepting a higher value order? We don’t think so! On other delivery apps, if a restaurant accepts a £20 order, they will be charged about £3.50 in commission. If that same restaurant then accepts a £40 order on the same delivery app, they’ll have to pay around £6.50 in commission. There are no added expenses incurred by the delivery company, so why should the restaurant have to pay an additional £3.00 in commission?We believe the solution is to provide restaurants and takeaways with an app that charges the same low-cost fee regardless of the order value. This could generate an additional £3.65 per order for your local restaurant or takeaway! That’s an additional £35k a year in profit!For you, the customer, there’s good news too! Our unique ‘Swipe for Deals’ feature allows you to check out all the latest deals and savings from restaurants in your region. Pop in your postcode, swipe left on a restaurant listing to check out their deals, then place your order in a couple of taps - it’s that easy!At easyFood, “we’re on a mission to end commission.” And, with your help, by ordering your next takeaway through easyFood, we can all help to keep our favourite restaurants and takeaways in business - delivering great food!

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