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You Won't Believe What Some Delivery Apps Are Doing!

13 July

When you order a takeaway, the delivery app might just be ripping you off. If you're not careful, 40% of your money could end up in their pocket rather than going to the restaurant - and we all know that the hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit during the pandemic! Ordering with some delivery apps (you know the ones) can leave you paying more for less food, as restaurants are frequently using low-quality ingredients or serving smaller portions in order to survive.1) Typical FeesLet's say you place a £25 food order. The restaurant or takeaway may be passing on...

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Takeaway The Nonsense

15 July

It has recently been reported that Snoop Dogg raked in a whopping £5.3m to star in Just-Eat's latest TV campaign. But, with many restaurants and takeaway struggling to pay their staff during these unprecedented times, many are starting to question if this extravagant campaign is appropriate, particularly when you consider how this money was generated. Many users of online food ordering platforms, such as Just-Eat and Deliveroo are unaware that their favourite restaurant has to pay a high commission fee each time they accept a customer’s order. These fees are putting added pressure on the finances of restaurant owners, with...

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The real cost of food delivery apps!

06 May

Using an app to get your food delivered is particularly popular right now, but how do you know if they’re helping or hurting restaurants and takeaways when you order this way?What many app users don’t realise is some apps charge restaurants such high commission fees, they’re actually losing money by using them!It’s not unusual for food delivery companies to charge restaurant owners up to 30% in commission. And when you add to this all of their other expenses such as, rent, labour, marketing and taxes; not to mention the activation costs that many apps charge, it’s easy to see why so...

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  • Takeaway The Nonsense

    It has recently been reported that Snoop Dogg raked in a whopping £5.3m to star in Just-Eat's latest TV campaign....

    15 July