16 August

Surviving the cost of living crisis

There’s little doubt that the cost of living crisis is firmly upon us. The increasing price of gas and electricity has seen some restaurant’s utility bills double in price in less than 6 months. Add to this fuel prices hitting a record high of almost £2 a litre, high commission fees charged by delivery apps, and it’s easy to see why some businesses are in distress.

In a recent article published within the Wakefield Express, one business owner said Just Eat charged her 33% on all orders placed through the website and that customers need to shell out almost £5 in delivery costs and service charges before paying for their meals.

Restaurants are also seeing a fall in consumer spending. Dining out in July slowed by 1.5 per cent, as 67 per cent of Britons say they are starting to make cut backs due to their increasing household costs. However it’s not all bad news. Economists expect customers to simply switch their behaviour away from dining out, in favour of home delivery. The appetite for restaurant produce is still there, it may just be consumed differently. It’s therefore vital for restaurant owners to start looking at how they can take advantage of this shift in consumer behaviour, whilst reducing their overall spend on the cost of delivery.

easyFood is one of these ways for restaurants and takeaways to reduce their food delivery expenditure. As part of the easy® family of brands; which includes brands such as easyJet, easyHotel and easyGym, easyFood looks to emulate the business model successfully implemented by founder and entrepreneur - Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Through efficiencies and technology, easyFood is able to help restaurants and takeaways to reduce their fees by 50%. Unlike it’s competitors, easyFood doesn’t apply a percentage commission to each order that a restaurant receives. Instead restaurants and takeaways pay a simple low-cost fixed fee to receive customer orders.

If you were to receive an order worth £25, for example, our fee for delivery would be £4.24. Compared with some ‘other’ food delivery apps which charge 35% commission (£8.75) easyFood would save you over 50% in fees!

Sir Stelios said: "The cost of living crisis has made many restaurant owners nervous about making it through this very difficult period. It’s a great opportunity for those businesses that are being affected to join easyFood and transition to a fairer-priced operation."

To find out more about how easyFood can help your business to reduce your delivery costs, visit https://restaurants.easyfood.co.uk

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